No. Those forms are only necessary when using our drop-in childcare. A waiver MUST be signed by the parent and will be provided during your Stay & Play session.

I've never been to FTKP. Do I have to fill out the Registration Forms for just the  Stay & Play?

Are the crafts included in the Stay & Play fee?

How can we help to keep the facility clean?

Outside, PEANUT-FREE food IS allowed. We offer complimentary coffee, tea & water. To limit waste, please bring your own travel mug or water bottle. We also have organic snacks for purchase. ALL food and drink MUST remain in the kitchen; this INCLUDES SIPPY CUPS. Please ENSURE your child does not leave the kitchen with food or drink into our playspace. Hands should be washed upon eating as well. Please assist us in keeping our toys and playspace free of food debris and spills!

YES! Socks MUST be worn by ADULTS and children. We are a shoe-free facility for sanitary reasons. No shoes are allowed in the playspace.

Can I drop my child off?

Please click here for information

Please help us ensure we can continue to provide a safe, CLEAN environment for our children

NO shoes are allowed in the playspace. Socks must be worn as mentioned above

All food and drink MUST remain in the kitchen area; this includes sippy cups! All hands should be washed upon eating, as mentioned above

If you know your child had a toy in his/her mouth, please put it in the designated sink, after use, for sanitization

Diaper changes should be done only in our restroom

Please ensure toys are put back after use

Please inform staff if the restrooms or facility need to be cleaned/sanitized for any reason; i.e. potty accidents

Do I have to make a reservation/prepayment?

frequently asked questions...

As with most playspaces, they are not 100% safe. Padded walls and pillowtop floors were out of stock when designing FTKP. Because of this, accidents occur. Please help us keep your children safe by doing the following:

Please monitor your children to ensure their safety and others 

Children on the tall slide MUST be monitored while it's in use

Do not allow your infant/toddler to play with small toys that are meant for older children 

Please help keep the playspace and walkways toy-free

Please make sure your child is playing in an appropriate manner, that includes not harming themselves or others

If you notice any structure or toy with parts removed or becoming loose, please bring it to a staff member

No. However, our space is limited. Because of this, you are more than welcome to make a reservation with prepayment ahead of time. Please note, refunds cannot be given. If you need to cancel, please call prior to your scheduled time and we will allow you to schedule for another date. If you are late for your scheduled time, we will do our best to accommodate you, however, it cannot always be guaranteed. 

To ensure fun is had by all, we recommend children 6 years and younger for the Stay & Play sessions. FTKP, however, is a GREAT place for a co-op group. If you can get a group of 5 or more children together, you can reserve a block of time after the 12PM session or on another Monday. Please contact us for further information. 

How much doesStay & Play cost?

Next Stay & Play is Mon. 2/12!

Members: $7/hour ($3.5 for an additional 1/2 hour, $1.75 for an additional 15 mins.)

Non-Members: $9/hour ($4.5 for an additional 1/2 hour, $2.25 for an additional 15 mins.)

Pay the small above fee and stay as long as you like during the event's duration!

Yes. We will have crafts set out at the table based on that month's theme. Please limit one craft per child, unless otherwise noted. Thanks!

How can I become a Member and what are the benefits?

Are food and drinks allowed?

‚ÄčWhat age do you recommend for theStay & Play?

No. You MUST remain on the premises. You can use our drop-in care during our normal business days/hours.

How long can weStay & Play and what are your Stay & Play days?

Can I use FTKP coupons or discounts for the Stay & Play?

We homeschool and I'd like to bring my children for a Stay & Play session, but they are older than 6. Can I still bring them?

How can we help to keep the playspace safe?

No. The only coupons accepted for the Stay & Play are those that specify it as such.

We recommend theStay & Play session for children up to 6 years of age. Our facility can accommodate children up to the age of 12, however, we are reserving these sessions for the younger children to be able to explore. If you have school-aged children and belong to a homeschool or co-op group and would like to reserve a Monday for a Stay & Play session, please see below.

Do socks have to be worn during the Stay & Play?

The Stay & Play is open from 9am-12pm on the designated Monday. You are more than welcome to stay as long as you like. We only do the Stay & Play one Monday a month from Oct-Feb/Mar. Please check our calendar for the dates