Busy parents know just how important having a couple of hours is to be able to run errands or go to appointments without the kids, but finding a babysitter can be a huge hassle.

Now there's a new service here in Michiana that offers hourly drop-in care for kids.

Free Time Kids Playcare in Mishawaka is considered a legally license daycare-exempt provider because child care is short term and non-routine, but it follows all the same requirements that are standard for licensed centers with the bonus of letting you drop off your child for one hour or four hours.

"I love it's because it's really convenient. We don't have any family in town, all of our family is 1800 miles away," said Shanna Hendrickson.  Read More & Watch the Video Video linked to YouTube

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By HEIDI PRESCOTT South Bend Tribune

When you don’t have family in town, and none of your friends’ kids are old enough to baby-sit, it can feel next to impossible to steal time away from your children for a date night, dinner and movie, or time alone shopping.

Denise Cunningham remembers having to put her phone on mute during business meetings when she worked from home so she could also tend to her 3-year-old son, Gavin.

What she wouldn’t have given for a safe and secure drop-in day care where she could take him for an hour or two.

For a place like Free Time Kids Playcare.
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Drop-in playcare in Mishawaka offers parents hourly babysitting

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