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What type of environmental future will my children be inheriting? Most parents are asking themselves that... I do! Because of this, Free Time Kids Playcare takes our impact on our planet Earth seriously. Although we may not be 100% eco-friendly, we do our best with what we can and are always eco-conscious when making our plans for the future. See below what our current actions are and what we plan to implement within the next year:

Current Actions:

1) When renovating the existing space, we kept the demolition to a minimum and reused what we could.

2) We used low VOC paint.

3) We had a motion sensor installed that allows for the lights to turn off when it doesn't sense movement.

4) As our existing fluorescent bulbs burn out, we replace with LED bulbs.

5) Our main play structure is as eco-friendly as you can get! We CAREFULLY chose a product that is environmentally responsible that doesn't contain harmful chemicals. Our playhouse is splinter-free, chemical-free, maintenance-free and made from Northern White Cedar. In addition, Cedarworks participates in a ReCedaring program and donates 10% of profits to organizations that benefit kids and the environment!

6) As children wash their hands (which is VERY often in our facility) we turn the water off during the scrubbing time, to conserve water.

7) We purchase as much paper products that use recycled materials. In fact, our paper towels are 100% recycled paper.

8) We incorporate as much of our recycling that we can in our projects, activities & supplies. Those items that aren't used, are recycled.

9) We work with other companies to use their paper trash; we have rolls of paper from a construction facility we use to cover our tables for projects and for doodling, we have an office facility save their paper ream covers so we can utilize them for painting projects, craft paper, etc.

10) We have a secured entryway which allows us to open our front door to get fresh air in our facility, without compromising our security.

11) We teach children the importance of the environment and the purpose of recycling.

12) We use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and products as often as possible.

13) We purchase Organic & Natural food products.

Future Plans:

1) Incorporate Eco-Friendly toys, like Green Toys ®, into our retail merchandise

2) Purchase eco-friendly flooring for our kitchen and reception area

3) As our existing toys need replaced, we will continue to buy eco-friendly options

4) Make our daily process as paper-free as possible; check-in/out, registration forms, etc.

We may be a long way to accomplish our ultimate goal of becoming a 100% eco-friendly facility, but it only takes one step at a time. I encourage each of you reading this to think about the choices you make in your everyday lives and to make positive changes one step at a time... after all, our actions affect our children's future!

Denise  Cunningham

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We Care About the Environment We'll be Leaving our Kids!